We all have to eat. No way around it. As comedian Patton Oswalt once lamented, the overweight man can't just quit his addiction to food cold turkey - by five o'clock, he'll be back again, eating cold turkey.

What we can change, though, is the extent to which we are aware of where our food comes from - how we think about the things we consume and recognize the hands that worked to bring them to fruition. This is the purpose of this website, Nick Wallace's virtual homestead. It's also the ethos of Chef Nick's Modern Mississippian cooking style. It's embracing the rustic, home grown ingredients that come straight from the soil and treating them with the classical technique and respect that they deserve as the premium products they are. In the process of cooking and eating this way, the source of our foods becomes more transparent. We are able to recognize the personal stories of the farmer and the baker and the purveyor. To celebrate not only the eating of the food, but all of the creation and creativity that went into bringing it to its ultimate, edible stage. It is modern, yes, but always with a recognition of the traditions of the past on which all of our presents and futures are built.

There is a great deal of work to be done to spread this awareness and consciousness about where and how and why we eat. And there's only one place to start. On the farm, in the dirt, and in front of the stove; where thoughtful cooking with humble ingredients can yield refined dishes that embody the nuance of culinary life in the state and region. As we continue to cook and eat and travel, we will uncover some of the best things about and new potentials for food in Mississippi as we see them. On this journey, we will always be learning, making new discoveries about people and places and products that contribute to the Modern Mississippian culinary revolution. We hope you'll come with us, and join in on the feast.