From My Hands to your kitchen

allows me to use my passion to create opportunities to come closer to those that welcome my personal take on food.  As a chef, my goal has always been to use organic food from the environment in my dishes that surrounds us and connects us while nourishing each individuals soul.  I only choose to use local ingredients and fresh fruits and vegetables from local farmers to shape my amazing Chef Nick Wallace Signature Dishes. As a firm believer in family, I draw inspiration from where the heart is, the home. With that being said, I have decided to launch a unique approach to connect Mississippi families and remind them of the Southern roots of togetherness through the joy of food. Your kitchen is the heart and soul of your home and that is where nourishment should begin. With From My Hands To Your Kitchen I bring a culinary experience directly to you, that you will never forget.

By welcoming me into your kitchen I promise you that I will bring Nick Wallace Signature Cuisine to your table, all you need to do is provide the space for me to create a full meal for you, your guest and/or your family.

Together you and I are elevating kitchen culinary to a new unforgettable level that the South has never seen before.  We are Innovating what it means to create and present a meal. I invite you to connect with me today and reserve a few moments to have a Nick Wallace Signature Cuisine presented in the comfort of your home, cooked in your kitchen. Let Chef Nick Wallace motivate and innovate your cooking experience by presenting your family, friends, and guests with a unique way to dine.

I welcome the opportunity to share my passion with you.  

With Culinary Love,

Chef Nick Wallace 

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